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From 2003 to early of 2012

    - Hai Phong Trading Investment & Construction Joint Stock Company was established and operated based on the business registration certificate no. 0101354154 on 04/04/2003, issued by the Ha Noi Planning and Investment Department.
    - Hai Phong strongly improved in the construction section and contributed into the constructing of the following constructions:
      + Constructing the  Ministry of Defense’s buildings in Viet Nam.
      + Constructing the factories for the Japanese investors, mostly in Da Nang, Bac Giang, Hai Duong and Bac Ninh.
      + Constructing the shopping mall project in My Dinh’s urban area.

    -  Since 2010, Hai Phong achieved the license of sending the labors overseas and also for establishing Dong Do Japanese Language Center (no.6 Alley 1008 Lang Road, Dong Da, Ha Noi).

From 2012 till now:

  • Based on the demand of recruiting labors from oversea businesses, especially Japan. Hai Phong had extended the labor supply section to Japanese market and also established one new branch of Hai Phong Trading Investment & Construction Joint Stock Company on 08/06/2012 with the business registration number: 0101354157-001.
  •  HAIPHONGJSC also established a Japanese Language Center based on the education design from Japan
  • - After 3 years strongly operated in many sections, Hai Phong had achieved some milestones and also created our reputation and creditability to our business partner as well as the labors. The company’s achievements will be depicted below:

       In labor supply section to Japanese market, Hai Phong had sent total 1,576 labors in production, construction, agricultural, etc.

  -  In construction and investment section, based on the development demand of Vietnamese’s cities which need to focus on both of infrastructure construction (90% of the Vietnamese’s infrastructures are not match with the grow rate of urban development) and also preserve the current infrastructure and the land use for the living and transportation, we decided to invest into the Vietnam-Japan Shield Construction-Consultant Joint Stock Company (VJS). The firm is leading in the underground construction with the advance technology Pipe Jacking from Japanese partners. The VJS was established in 05/2015 with 3 stockholders are Hai Phong JSC, DINCO (Da Nang) and Sunshield (Japan).

Developing Strategies:

    * Continuously improve the company’s strengths in civil and industrial construction. The targets from 2014 to 2017: HAIPHONG JSC will operates in joint venture projects, connects to Japanese’s businesses such as TAISEI, SHIMIZU, KOBAYASHI to constructs, renovates the infrastructures in Viet Nam.
    * Maintaining, extending the operations and affections in labors supply section. Investing all the resources to extend the market, mostly in Japanese market.
    * Aiming to create more career, educational opportunities in Japan for the students of company’s business partners and improve significantly together in the following years.
    * Also maintaining and pushing the construction section which is the company’s strong point in order to exploit the changes in construction market.

    *  Becoming one of the leading in Pipe Jacking construction in VietNam and South-East Asia region.


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