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Labor supply

HaiPhong is one the leading firm in Labor Supply industry, focusing on the Japanese market. Under the brand of HaiPhong, there are over 1,500 labors had been sent to Japan for legal working. The quality of labors always considered as high by the Japanese partners and the labors always have the guarantee in benefits and working environments.


HaiPhong also established the Japanese Language Center based on the educational design from Japan. Till now, the Language Center had educated more than 900 labors which make HaiPhong become a dependable partner for the Japanese investors, businesses and unions.

Why do you choose Hai Phong JSC?


Different with other consultant centers, HAIPHONG is a commercial company which has relationship with many partners in different sections that demand the company must put the creditability to top priority.

  • Being a Labor Supply Company which has the license in Oversea Labor Supply by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Welfare
  • Receiving many examination orders in all kind of jobs monthly. The examination operated in professional and distinctness way, directly with the officers from Japanese Unions.

·         All the company’s offices and language centers are matching with the 5S standards from Japan.

Low fees-Quickly processes

      - With the cretitability and current relationships, HAIPHONG completely operates directly with our Japanese’s partners. This does not only guarantee for the qualities of examination but also giving the most competitive fees for the labor’s families.

      - Currently, HAIPHONG’s fees are considered as lowest in the market, all the bonds and studying fees after pass the examination are reasonably, distinctness and NO EXTRA FEES.

      - The average number of labour go oversea every month about 80-100 people per month.

 Supporting in job introducing for free and good

For sure when you join the trainee programs or technical-engineer programs, you will soon be in the developed countries with stable job and good salary.

After 3 years, Clay Vietnam JSC - a member of HAI PHONG GROUP will support to seeking career for labors at many Japanese company in Vietnam.

Sincere, Passionate and Professional

With the staffs who have life experiences, studied and worked for years in Japan, you will receive the best consultancies to adapt to the new life such as: supporting in housing information, experiences in saving and how to react with the situations in a new environment, etc. 



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