Can Tho Vocational College promotes cooperation with business linked to labor market in Japan

Ngày đăng: 26 August, 2019

In the afternoon of August 23, 2019, Can Tho Vocational College in collaboration with Hai Phong Trading Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (Hai Phong JSC) held a ceremony to honor teachers after a period of cooperation and joint training.

From February 2019, more than 60 students have registered for Hai Phong JSC’s program and received training in Japanese language. Besides study time, students have received training in Japanese manners, soft skills and job skills that are necessary to meet Japanese business standards. Of those, 20 students have been accepted and depart. Industries that students are going to work in Japan mainly automotive technology and mechanical processing, in companies such as Toyota.

Currently, Hai Phong JSC works with 15 unions and 250 firms and corporations receiving technical – specialized trainees from Vietnam. Recruitment companies are from various industries, including: automobile component manufacturing, food processing, mechanical processing, electronics…. Hai Phong JSC constantly has more than 3,500 students working and living in Japan. After the completion of working program in Japan from 3-5 years, students will return home and receive support from Hai Phong JSC in career and employment orientation.

Working closely with businesses linked to the Japanese labor market to find employment opportunities for students is one of the strategies of the Vocational College in the context of deeper international integration, and Can Tho City has chosen Japan as the key partner for investment cooperation.

 Can Tho Newspaper


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