Ngày đăng: 10 September, 2019

Independence day 2/9 – the day Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence and gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam with independence, democracy, and autonomy. The history and meaning of September 2 is the heroic history of the nation, engraved in the minds of every Vietnamese. Joining the atmosphere of the whole country, Hai Phong Language Center has organized a friendly competition to celebrate 74 years of Independence Day on September 2. The event is organized every year to create a healthy and rewarding playground, improve the spirit of sport, physical training and solidarity of students from the North, Central, and South.

From August 30 to September 2, the tug of war contest was held at Hai Phong Language Centers in the North, Central and South, with the participation of nearly 1,000 students. In the past few days, the atmosphere has been extremely exciting and solidarity has been brought up high, leaving behind this year contest with many successes and memories.

True to the nature of competition, matches proceeded in the spirit of sport: exciting and competitive. After each match, there were shared laughter and friendly handshakes between each team. In each round, teams tried their best, brought about beautiful moments. There are prizes for boys and girls in each region. Specifically, the results are as follows:

  North Central South
First place Male: Room 515
Female: Room 304
Male: Room 405
Female: Room 421
Male: Room D302
Female: Room D401
Second place Male: Room 504
Female: Room 203
Male: Room 404 Female: Room 422 Male: Room D303
Female: Room D404
Third place Male: Room 507
Female: Room 305
Male: Room 427
Female: Room 414
Male: Room D305
Female: Room D403

The program has elavated Hai Phong spirit through vigorousity, solidarity and hard work.

Let’s take a look at the photos of the Contest on 2/9:

Nguyễn Phương

Photos: Ngọc Tùng, Thành Đạt


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