Hai Phong JSC honorably received 5-star rating from Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply

Ngày đăng: 7 July, 2018

According to the evaluation of the Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply published recently, Hai Phong JSC was rated 5 stars by the Council of Supervision & Evaluation for the implementation of the Code of Conduct applicable to Vietnamese companies sending workers oversea (COC-VN).

This is an achievement and result of the efforts that Hai Phong JSC has made throughout the year of 2017 after supporting thousands of college and university graduates nationwide to participate in Technical Trainee Program to study and work at prestigious companies and corporations in Japan.

Certificate of 5 star rating for Hai Phong JSC on sending workers abroad is supervised and evaluated by the Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply.

106 businesses participated in the rating

The results were announced at the 5th COC-VN Monitoring and Evaluation Conference held by Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply on April 24 in Hanoi.

Mr. Nguyen Luong Trao, President of Vietnam Association of Man Power Supply, said that there were 106 businesses monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the 5th Code of Conduct (from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017)

Although the number of businesses participating in COC-VN 2017 accounted for only 34% of businesses licensed to send Vietnamese workers abroad, the amount of labor sent by these companies accounted for nearly 70% of the total number of exported labor.

“Businesses are rated based on the results of advertising activities, recruitment, training, labor contracts signed, dispute resolution and support for returning workers”, Deputy Minister of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs – Doan Mau Diep, said.

Mr. Nguyen Luong Trao said that when participating in evaluation and rating, there have been positive changes in terms of improvement in operational regulations according to the standards of the code of conduct. Many businesses have not just passively waited for the association to evaluate, but also actively monitored and supervised their own internal evaluation process in each section of their businesses.

A deserved reward for Hai Phong JSC

According to data from The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, there are about 540,000 Vietnamese workers working abroad, mainly in Taiwan (China), Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. In 2017 alone, a record 134,751 workers were sent to work abroad.

In 2017, nearly 1,200 trainees were sent by Hai Phong JSC to many Japanese enterprises specializing in automotive industry, industries related to metal machinery, construction, agriculture, packaging industry…

Contributing to the above figure, Dong Du Moi Program, after nearly eight years of implementation, has recruited and sent nearly 4,000 university and college graduates across the country to learn skills and knowledge in many corporations and large companies in Japan under Technical Trainee Program agreed by the governments of Vietnam and Japan. In 2017 alone, nearly 1,200 trainees were sent by Hai Phong JSC to Japanese businesses specializing in the automotive industry, industries related to metal machinery, construction, agriculture, packaging industry…

“From the first trainees to date, Hai Phong JSC always put the interest of our trainees first. We hope that young Vietnamese will come to learn from Japan, technical qualifications, working style, culture, behavior, and come back to use in Vietnam. Hai Phong JSC sends trainees with the lowest cost, ready to work with Japanese partners to negotiate the best salary benefits, working conditions and daily activities of our trainees when live in Japan. I believe and hope, in the future, these generations of trainees will return home to create a lot of humane businesses,” said Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tuyen, Chairman of Hai Phong JSC.

Achieving a 5-star rating by the Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply this time will be the motivation for Hai Phong JSC to continue to strive to recruit, send and support trainees working in Japan in the future.

“The effective operation of recruiting businesses is an important part of protecting workers from being abused”, Dr. Chang-Hee Lee, Director of the International Labor Organization Office (ILO) in Vietnam.

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