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This is the journey of 32 Honda Lock interns. The journey of boys who are grounded, energetic, and didn’t forget to enjoy and have fun at the visa information declaration.

It’s been 6 months and 12 days since the day 32 Honda Lock interns received their residence status.  On 13/10/2018, they arrived at Hai Phong’s office for visa information declaration.

32 Honda Lock interns at visa information declaration 13/10

Today is the day. Today is the day our interns hold their boarding pass to Japan. All their dreams are about to become a reality.

32 interns – 32 lives. They come back to Hai Phong to share, to learn from their friends and teachers, with a strong, determined “conquer Japan” spirit.

Vu Manh Hung, born 1997, study at Automobile Technology Department, Hanoi Vocational College of Advanced Technology. Hung’s family comes from Yen Bai, and they have 7 siblings. Even though living in poor conditions, Hung tried his best in his first exam, and he passed.

For Hoang Dinh Hau, Hung’s classmate, he spent all his part-time money he had been working and saving during uni. Hau also borrowed some money from friends and got VND 50 millions to pay for deposit and commitment fee. Hau said “Since dad passed away, I feel worry for mom so I decide to manage myself”.

“After training and having enough experience from Japan, I will go back to Hanoi Technology Vocational College to work. I really like it here”, Hau told us.  

 “In Hai Phong, I know how to appreciate my time and my family.”

After 6 month stay in Hai Phong, everyone finds themselves growing up very much.

“At first when I got in, my life turned upside down. It was very restrained and strict. But then I get used to it. I have learned a lot of things here: greetings, manners, language.” Hoang Dinh Hau said.  

“When I’m in Hai Phong I become aware that time is very precious. I use all my time to study. When I’m in Hai Phong, I feel more love and appreciation for my family. When I’m in here, I’ve changed completely, I has found my goal”. He continued.

For Nguyen Van Quang, he said: “Before I was into gaming, sometimes I played video games until morning. After I got accepted in Honda Lock program, besides the 22-hour-schedule Hai Phong set, I study until 2 am”.

 “My journey to Hai Phong was quick and complete”

Hoang Ngoc Dam from Ha Tinh is a recent graduate from Viet – Duc Ha Tinh Vocational College. Dam happened to know about Hai Phong by chance. Early 2017, Dam had already failed an internship program. Dam said: “I always want to go to Japan, but I thought I was out of luck. One year later in 2018, I visited a friend at his home and found a business card of Hai Phong on the table. I went home, searched online, and asked few friends. After Tet I went back Dong Nai to work. 15 days later, I received good news for Honda Lock plan. That day, I threw my wrench on the floor, entered an empty room and wrote a resignation letter and hand it to my manager”.

 “I didn’t think twice. I decided to quit and fly to Hanoi for the exam. Everything was my decision. Fortunately, I passed.” Dam, 23 years old, continued.

At first, although my endurance is good I still feel extremely shocked. Hai Phong’s schedule is different from my deep-rooted habits – sleep during day and work at night. 

But 2 weeks later, I’m fine. “Others can do, I can too”. Dam said.

“I want to go to Japan to learn the way they work.” My journey to Hai Phong was quick and complete. Quick because it took me only 2 days to decide I would depart on this journey. Complete because this journey helped me to gain more experience. I have learned a lot of things here”. 

Hai Phong would like to thank you all for your efforts. We wish you health, spirit, and a positive attitude. The day to Japan is now very close!


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