Inauguration of Tamura Factory in Vietnam – a 10-year partner and companion of Hai Phong JSC

Ngày đăng: 20 June, 2019

On 15/06/2019, Tamura Vietnam Co., LTD, a member of Tamura Japan, officially inaugurated a factory at Thang Long Industrial Park, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province, after 6 months of construction. Hai Phong JSC came to congratulate Tamura Vietnam Co., LTD and Tamura Japan – partner and companion of Hai Phong JSC for over 10 years.

Tamura factory in Vietnam is invested with Japanese-quality facilities and formally trained workers with 3 years of experience in Japan. “Tamura Vietnam will make more efforts to expand its production area, 1.8 times greater than Japan, and in the future, to become a leading business in Thang Long – Vinh Phuc Industrial Park”, Mr. Kouhei Tamura, CEO of Tamura Vietnam Co., LTD, sharing at the inauguration.

Mr. Tamura, Chairman of Tamura Japan, emphasized one of the most important reasons why Tamura Japan decided to open a factory in Vietnam, “We realize the quality of interns and technicians Hai Phong JSC sending to Tamura Japan over the past years”. Tamura believes that Tamura Vietnam’s products will be of top quality and widely trusted among ASEAN countries. 

The relationship between Hai Phong JSC and Tamura Japan began 10 years ago with a project for surveying of thermal plants in Vietnam. Afterwards, Tamura Japan has directly received interns and technicians from Hai Phong. About 30 interns and technicians have used to work or have been working for Tamura in Japan. After efficiency evaluation, Tamura Japan decided to sign Hai Phong JSC as partner to promote construction investment of Tamura Vietnam Co. LTD’s factory in Vietnam, at the same time, directly hire staff for Tamura Vietnam Co., LTD.  

“The establishment of Tamura Vietnam Co. LTD is not only a joy for Tamura Japan, but also a joy for Hai Phong. This is a great model when those interns sending by Hai Phong to Tamura Japan has proved that Vietnam is a potential environment for investment and production development. After returning to Vietnam, now they have another chance to work for Tamura Vietnam. I wish Tamura Vietnam Co., LTD willl continue to grow and Hai Phong will continue to be your companion in the future.”

Photos at inauguration of Tamura Vietnam Co. LTD at noon, 15/06/2019:

Tamura Vietnam Co. LTD Factory

Kouhei Tamura, CEO of Tamura Vietnam Co., LTD
Ribbon-cutting at inauguration of Tamura Factory Vietnam

Mr Nguyen Xuan Tuyen, Chairman of Hai Phong JSC, at the ceremony

Interns and technicians from Hai Phong currently working in Tamura Japan and ex-interns from Hai Phong continued to stick with Tamura Vietnam also joined the inauguration .

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