Data Safety for Business

Ngày đăng: 7 Tháng Mười, 2023

Cyber attacks and data breaches can cause significant disruptions to the business, both internally as well as externally. They can result in loss of revenues due to dissatisfied customers, legal action by regulatory agencies, and reputational damage. However, it’s important remember that these threats are often preventable with the proper security measures that are in place.

To protect their data, companies must abide by certain laws and regulations. These laws and regulations may be specific to a specific area, like GDPR in the EU or to a particular industry, like HIPAA in the US. However, they must be present regardless of the size or scope of a company’s operations.

These rules and regulations typically include things like encrypting sensitive information sent over public networks, protecting the security of employees through checking references or conducting background checks on applicants for employment and only collecting data that is vital to business processes. These rules and regulations typically require encryption on devices such as laptops or portable storage devices. They may even contain rules that prohibit the use of software that is not approved by their company since this increases the risk of data breaches and malware.

Furthermore, businesses must be aware of the complete lifecycle of data as well as how it is moved through the network. Data maps can assist you achieve this. It can reveal the location where data is located and who has access. It is also important to only collect information that is essential for operational reasons and not keep it for longer than is necessary, as this will reduce the chance of a data breach. Zero Trust architecture is a way to tackle cybersecurity that can benefit businesses, as it enforces the principle of never trusting any device or user until they have been verified.



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